round two

I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me?

Five month ago today, I published what I thought was going to be my final blog entry. After working on it for almost a year and half, I decided to pull the plug and move on to other things. I only realized later that I liked having my own forum for talking about opera-related stuff, and I that enjoyed interacting with people from around the world who stopped by every day to read what I had to say. I always knew I’d revive dramma per musica; the question was when.

Well, folks, I guess that time is now. And so here I am, (barely) tanned, (mostly) rested, and (definitely) ready for round two!

I’ll start posting in earnest tomorrow. For now, let me say how happy I am to be part of the opera blogosphere again. Onward and upward!



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2 responses to “round two

  1. thania

    You have been missed! Good to see you on round II.

  2. musicgirlnyc

    Welcome back, Bob. Hope you had a nice vacation. Now get back to work! xo. (You were missed.)

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