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Thursday listening


“Sunken Eyes,” from the album “Breaks in the Sun” by Weinland, with Adam Shearer, Aaron Pomerantz, Rory Brown, Ian Cameron Lyles, Paul Christensen, and Adam Selzer (BRCD 931)

Regular readers of this blog know that each Thursday, I feature a track from something I’m listening to at the moment. The clips are usually drawn from complete opera recordings, but every so often I like to mix it up a little bit by including examples of solo vocal repertoire. No matter what I choose, my goal is always to find and present selections that celebrate the remarkable communicative powers of the human voice. With that in mind, I’ve decided to venture outside the world of “classical music” today and highlight one of our local bands, Weinland, and this song, written by their frontman, Adam Shearer.

I first heard “Sunken Eyes” yesterday afternoon, when Adam performed an arrangement of it with the Portland Cello Project. What immediately struck me was how effectively his words and music conveyed the poignancy of one particular moment in time, caught in muted tones of sepia and gray, while also seeming to suggest the brighter colors of a world outside of that moment.

“Sunken Eyes” is a beautiful, heartfelt song, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A sense of heatbreak all around.
I can see it in this house.
How can I always let you down?
I can taste it in my mouth.
Old white doves float around.
Sunken eyes trickle out.
Boat on water hits the ground.
I could lose you in this house.
You'll know yourself.
I'll sleep like a soldier.
You'll hold yourself,
so glad that you know her.
Just don't let me mess it up,
you're still my friend when I need one.
Sorry words won't fix it up.
It's all right here should you need some.
Oh I know where this ends as it begins.
Always aiming south I pull you in,
you push me out.

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