On a walk with Hugo Wolf

To take my mind off Portland’s string of cold, rainy, and windy days, here’s a charming little song entitled “Auf einer Wanderung” from the Mörike-Lieder by Hugo Wolf. The tenor in this recording (Harmonia Mundi 6990257) is Werner Güra, and his accompanist is Jan Schultsz.

On a Walk
Into a friendly little town I stroll -
in its streets lie the red evening glow.
From an open window,
across the most splendid riot of flowers,
one can hear the gold chimes floating past,
and its one voice sounds like a chorus of nightingales,
so that the blossoms tremble,
so that the breezes come to life,
and so that the roses glow even redder.

Long I pause, astounded and oppressed by joy.
How I finally found myself past the gate
I truly do not know myself.
Ah, here, where the world lies in such light!
The heavens sway in a purple crowd,
back there, the town is a golden haze:
how the alder brook rushes,
how the mill roars on the ground;
I am as if drunk and disoriented;
o Muse, you have stirred my heart
with a breath of love!
(English translation by Emily Ezust)

Wolf – “Auf einer Wanderung”


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